4 NOVEMBER 1916, Page 9

The Parish Registers of IIun.rdon, Co. Hertford; with Same Account

of the Church and Parish. By the Hon. H. C. Gibbs. (St. Catherine Press. 42s. net.)—Any one who prints a parish register, and thus ensures its preservation, deserves our gratitude. Mr. Gibbs is to be specially commended for the fine typo and paper which he provides and for the drawings of the old church --luxuries with which the student of registers is seldom indulged. Hunadon, as ho says, is chiefly famous in history as the residence of Mary Tudor before she became Queen. The early Stuart registers contain a surprising number of deaths of " nurse children " from London. Tho practice of putting town children out to nurse in the country must have been as common and as mischievous among us then as it was in Franco till recently.