4 SEPTEMBER 1869, Page 2

It is asserted that the Chinese Government has not refused

to ratify the Treaty concluded through Mr. Burlingame with the United States. Mr. Burlingame himself has received a telegram in an entirely contrary sense, and the Times says, "it is enabled to assert that Prince Kung has in no way repudiated the Treaty." We shall see when the full accounts arrive ; but meanwhile our readers will remark that delay is admitted on all hands, that this delay is to last indefinitely, Prince Kung "being desirous first to bring to a point the negotiations with the European Powers, to which the Mission is equally accredited "—which negotiations will never come to a point—and that the American Minister at Pekin has denounced Mr. Burlingame's policy. American Ministers do odd things sometimes, but for a Plenipotentary to denounce a Treaty which he expects in a little while to sign, is a step a little beyond the probable licence even of a Republican official. The balance of evidence as yet is in favour of the Chinese having thrown their Ambassador overboard.