4 SEPTEMBER 1869, Page 23

The Treaty Ports of China and Japan. By N. B.

Dennys. (Triibner.)— This is a handbook to some thirty towns in China and Japan, and

gives to anyone who may be intending to reside in any of them all the information he can want. He will find accounts of the Consular estab- lishments, of the staple trade of each place, of the general social arrange- ments, of the cost of living, house-rent, prices of provisions, etc. Some maps are added, of a kind which it would not be easy to get elsewhere in England. The volume has every appearance of being a very useful one, but of course we cannot check the value of its information from per- sonal knowledge. Probably there are very few persons besides the

compiler who could. The Mercantile Handbook for India, China, and the Colonies (Bates and Hardy) is more of what we should call a direc- tory. It includes, it will be observed, our Colonial Empire generally.