4 SEPTEMBER 1869, Page 3

The Catholic Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland have placed .on

record a series of resolutions about the Education and Land questions. On the land they are very vague, demanding only 41a just and equitable settlement between landlord and tenant," which is what everybody wants, from the Evening Mail to the Freeman's Journal, their only dispute being as to what is just and equitable. On education, however, the prelates are distinct enough. They want, first of all, a Catholic university, or, failing that, a Catholic college in a mixed university ; secondly, their due proportion of all school endowments ; thirdly, a rearrangement of all Queen's colleges on the denominational principle ; and, fourthly, they want a complete system of popular education, "based upon religion," as a substitute for the mixed system, which they declare "intrinsically dangerous to the faith and morals of Catholic youth." Some of these demands are just,—at least, as long as they are conceded in England, as they are, Stonyhurst, for example, tieing affiliated to the London University—but the main point is, what do the Catholic laity think about them ? They, and not -the prelates, are for a statesman's purposes the Catholic Church.