4 SEPTEMBER 1869, Page 3

We do trust that next Session Mr. Gladstone will bring

in a Bill to abolish the immoral comedy called the " election " of Bishops by the Chapter, under pressure of the conge dare, that is, of a law which makes the rejection of the Sovereign's nominee almost, or quite, an act of treason. The appointment must, of -course, rest with the Sovereign, who represents the laity, and the clergy as part of them, and it should be made directly, like that of a judge, or any other highly-placed official. To require the clergy -of a Cathedral to concur in the election of a superior whom they may entirely disapprove is not only harsh, but, considering the ancient theory of the election, is almost immoral, while the prac- tice is often inconvenient. It is reported, fer instance, that the Chapter of Oxford would not accept Dean Stanley as Bishop if he were presented for their acceptance. We do not believe the report, for some of the electors know the law, and all are theolo- gians enough to understand the lawfulness of submitting to force majeure ; but why should the Chapter of Oxford, or any other diocese, be worried with questions of casuistry ? Why not relieve them of a duty they dislike, and cannot, under the law, honestly perform, and appoint the Bishop of Oxford, like the Metropolitan of India or a Commander-in-Chief, through a piece of paper bear- ing the Queen's signature ?