4 SEPTEMBER 1886, Page 1


WHEN we last wrote, the news of Prince Alexander's liberation had just been received. Since then, after a journey through Russian, Roumanian, and Austrian territory, he has been making his way back to his own dominions, where he has received a welcome of extraordinary enthusiasm. The Prince is not expected to arrive at Sofia till to-day, and mean- time there seems no serious attempt to bring the conspirators to trial. A very important development of the situation has, however, taken place at St. Petersburg. On the 30th ult., Prince Alexander telegraphed to the Czar a message couched in the humblest and most submissive terms. When a strong and politic man makes up his mind to bend the knee, he is not punctilious as to the degree of lowness in his obeisance. Accordingly, the words addressed to the Emperor of Russia come quite up to the limit which can be used by a self-respecting and honest man. The Prince thanks the Emperor for having allowed the Russian representative at Rustchnk to be present at his reception. He begs that Prince Dolgorouki may still be sent on his mission of pacification, since he hopes that by working with him he may be able to give his Majesty "proofs of my unalterable devotion to your august person." The telegram concludes :—" The monarchical principle has compelled me to re-establish legality in Bulgaria and Eastern Roumelia. Russia having given me my crown, it is into the hands of Russia's Sovereign that I am ready to render it."