4 SEPTEMBER 1886, Page 16


1To THE EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR.'] SIR,—Your anxiety to show that even the small reduction in the Conservative majority at the election for this borough was due to other causes than to a diminished feeling of antagonism to Mr. Gladstone's Irish policy has led you into error. You give the majorities at the July and August elections respectively, and add that, "of course, Mr. Jarvis was not likely to bring so large a proportion of voters to the poll as the old and long-tried Member who served," &c. As a matter of fact, Mr. Jarvis polled 1,423 votes, against the 1,417 recorded for "the old and long-tried Member."—I am, Sir, &c., [Nndonbt. But the proportion of the electors brought up for Mr. Jarvis was not SO large as the proportion brought up for Mr. Bourke. Apparently, the total number of electors was larger on the second occas:on ; at all events, the total number of voters was.—ED. Spectator.]