4 SEPTEMBER 1886, Page 3

At a meeting held on Monday at the Hyde Park

Hotel, a "Dog-Owners' Protection Association" was organised under excellent auspices, and not too soon. The way in which the police,—under orders, no doubt—are now sweeping up and slaughtering the most harmless and faithful of our friends, on the most trivial excuses, is simply disgraceful. The details of a case have been given to us in which a dog that had made its escape into the street, and had consequently been sent to the home at Battersea, was discovered and identified by its owner, to the poor creature's great delight. Nevertheless, it was con- demned to death on the ground that the police had forwarded the dog to Battersea in company with another dog certified to be suffering from rabies. Therefore all the companions were doomed to death. This is the way in which Londoners are doomed to lose some of their best friends in deference to a cruel and often a senseless panic. We believe that the "Dog-Owners' Protection Association" may save a good many true friends to men.