4 SEPTEMBER 1886, Page 3

It has been a week of earthquakes. Yesterday week a

terrible earthquake was felt in Greece, of which the centre appears to have been on the West Coast of the Peloponnesus, or some thirty miles south of the Island of Zante. Pyrgos, in Achaia, and Gargaliano and Filiatra, in Messina, were laid in rains. Patras, on the Gulf of Corinth, suffered severely. The loss of life is estimated at about three hundred, while the number of persons injured is said to amount to double that number. Since then, on the night of August 31st, shocks of -earthquake were felt at Smyrna, and on the 30th a volcano on a little island between Sardinia and Tanis, Galita by name, was 'observed to be in active eruption.