4 SEPTEMBER 1942, Page 11

" The Harvest Shall Come." For Special Showing.

Teas Realist Film Production tells the story of the farm-worker in England during the past forty years, and is an excellent piece of work, notable for its effective and truthful presentation of the vital subject of life in this country on the land. The producer, Basil Wright, is to be warmly congratulated on the veracity and honesty of his treatment. Life on the land as it really has been and is, in a series of vivid, well-chosen scenes, unrolls before us as the story of an ordinary farm-labourer between the years 1900 and 1941. The role of the farm-worker is most convincingly portrayed by John Slater, with Eileen Beldon as the hard-working wife and Richard George as his far'ner-employer. Never once do we feel that we are merely watching studio actors playing the parts of countrymen, the film is completely convincing and the improvement in conditions brought about firstly by the war of 1914-18 and then by the present war are skilfully indicated. Our utter dependence upon the fruits of the earth and the labour of those who till it is pointedly brought home. As well as being entertained, we are instructed in a subject on which it is vitally important for all of us to be rightly informed. This film should be shown in every city and large town throughout Great Britain, and it would be particularly valuable to have it exhibited to all factory and urban