4 SEPTEMBER 1942, Page 13

SIR,—The Congress Party led by Mr. Gandhi is again "

in open rebel- lion," to use the Mahatma's own words. Like Hitler, in his desperate offensive in Russia, it is now or never. From the Mahatma's recent statements and writings the way in which his mind is working is clear. The picture he has carefully drawn of the result of his crazy movement means, on his own showing, that there will ensue a rule of the jungle. It is hard to imagine how any person can visualise with equanimity the lurid picture which Mr. Gandhi depicts. And here it is in his own words: " Thus assuming that the British leave our shores, there is no Government and no constitution, British or other. Therefore, there is no Central Government. Militarily the most powerful party may set up its rule and impose it on India if the people submit." In his Harijan of June 14th, 1942, he wrote: " It should be clearly under- stood that the whole Indian Army has been disbanded with the complete withdrawal of British power. . . . In a non-violent India there would be no armies as such." In October last he also wrote in his paper: "You will invite here Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want. If these gentlemen desire to occupy your houses you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out you will allow yourself, man, woman and child, to be slaughtered." (This applies also to the Japs.) This is Mr. Gandhi's formula to get the people to " submit." Surely the man who believes all this is a fool, and the man who says it and does not believe it is a knave. It is merely a ruse to coerce and embarrass the Government to surrender and agree forthwith to the establishment of a Hindu Congress Raj. Sir Firoz Khan Noon frankly calls Gandhi "a blackmailer, trying to stab the Government in the back at a critical hour." As Mr. Jinnah put it today: "It is a manifestation of an angered and desperate mentality." It is Mr. Gandhi's last con- tribution to India in the evening of his long and interesting life. He calmly invites millions to sacrifice themselves in a holocaust so that his fanatical ideas may be vindicated. It is about time, surely, that an end is put to all this foolery.—I am, Sir, yours, &c., J. D. JENKINS. Hamerton House, Kahun Road, Camp, Poona.