5 APRIL 1862, Page 17


Apropos of all martyrs and saints, the most extraordinary of all ac-

cessions to that noble army is to take place in a few years hence, as soon as time allows. An enormous bribe has actually placed the name of Began' Sombre on the first step which leads to canonization. The fact would appear incredible, considering not merely her crimes (they are, perhaps, not much to the purpose), but her Moslem creed. I received my information, however, from quarters entirely beyond question.—Daily News, April 8.

Antonelli was deep in that slumber which blesses The sons of the faith through all earthly distresses, Forgetting Napoleon; forgiving Merode ; Oblivious of all that the Treasury owed; And dreaming St. Michael, blue-cinctured like Hope, Was bombarding Turin, and restoring the Pope; When his dream seemed to change and a figure of light, Yellow-slippered, brown-turbaned, with drapery of white, With bistre complexion, and eyes like a snake, Stood before him and said, " Antonelli awake!"

The Cardinal started, "Good God ! who are yon? " Shall a priest be disturbed by a yellow Hindoo The Cardinal shuddered, "By Bacchus, I see, "It is no delusion-0 saints, it's a she—" "Some trick to undo me, some infamous plant- " I am firm, I am pure; wretched woman, avaunt !" But one finger she raised, and said, "Cardinal, stay, "Ere you call up the house only hear what I say : "Besides, all this uproar will make matters worse." Then a jingle was heard as of gold in a purse.

The Cardinal sank on his pillow subdued, —The witchcraft was potent—the spirit pursued: " Antonelli, my soul is impatient for rest, "I have wandered long years round the homes of the blest; "But Brahma disowns me—in fact he was rude, "And I can't force my way through the circles to Boodh, "And litahomet says I'm not one of the four, "And St. Peter just saw me and bolted the door, "And Protestants talk of impenitent sin, "And it's dreary outside—and I cannot get in."

" Antonelli assist me—I'm told that there's hope "If I can but obtain special leave from the Pope; "But the Pope, worthy sold, 's an unbasiness-like man, "He would potter and pray—you would act—and you can; "Try to t,hink me a virgin who slumbered too late, "Consider the glory of opening the gate—" "The glory—but, Begnm, consider the scandal, Every scoffer and heretic finding a handle To say we took Turks in; you're much to be pitied,— But orders are orders—you can't be admitted.'

The Ghost wrung its hands, "Must trifles like these "Cheat the Church of a soul and a million rupees ; "I had thought that the treasure I gathered below "Would bay frocks for St. Agnes, and guns for the foe."

"A million rupees ! are they here ? Holy powers ! "Do you trust in St. Agnes? 0 Begam, be ours! "The faith that could bring you, with money in hand, "From limbo, or worse, to the place where you stand, "Is sufficient, believe me,—that root of all evil "Left behind in our hands, just as bail for the devil- " To take you to Heaven by the special express "Which we fit up for all who can enter full-dress. "Vulgar sinners, you see, crawl to God on their knees, "If they see Him at all it's sufficient for these; "But you, with a touch of canonical paint, "Blessed Begum, will sit on his right, as a Saint !"