5 APRIL 1862, Page 6


In the House of Lords last night,

Lord Kimearen called attention to the state of-Poland, and asked Earl Russell if he had received any information as to the alleged torture of Alexander Zamoyski.

Earl RUSSELL said he had received no official information on the subject. The report had originally appeared in the Breslau Gazette, and had been contradicted in a letter from St. Petersburg in the Journal des Debats. He should be glad to find it was not true.

In the House of Commons, Mr. Osuonnz moved, "that it is expedient to suspend the construction of the proposed forts at Spithead until the value of iron.roofed gunboats- for the defence of our ports and roadsteads has been more fully considered."

Mr. BENIENCE moved an addition to the effect that the House would, on an early day, in Committee, empower Government to transfer any portion of the money voted for the construction of forts to the construction of iron vessels, or the plating with iron of wooden vessels.

LORD PaLmettercer stated that Sir G. Lewis had instructed the Defence Committee to reconsider, and again report upon the utility of these land de- fences, and that no farther progress would be made for probably two months, when that farther report might be expected. This question was not a party one. The only object was to place the country in a perfect state of defence at the smallest cost.

This declaration was received with loud and general cheers by a very full house.