5 APRIL 1873, Page 2

The Queen had, as so often happens with her, a

glorious day for her visit to the East-End Park named after her, on Wednes- day, and seems to have been received with as passionate a loyalty in that rather sad region of her dominions as she has ever en- countered elsewhere. The Royal party left Buckingham Palace- at a little before eleven in two open carriages, preceded by outriders in scarlet, passed up Pall Mall, Regent Street, Portland Place, and so down the New Road to the Angel at Islington. Thence the party passed along gaily decorated houses by the Essex Road and Balls Pond Road to Dalston. The carriages stopped a moment at Hackney Town Hall to give the Queen a glimpse of the building, and then proceeded to Victoria Park, entering it at- Agnes Terrace within an hour from her departure. At the- entrance of the Park the Queen was introduced by the Home- Secretary to the Members for Hackney, Mr. Reed and Mr. Holms, received a congratulatory- address signed by the Church- wardens of the parishes of Hackney, Bethnal Green, and Shore- ditch, accepted a bouquet from Mr. Reed's daughter, made the circuit of the Park accompanied by an escort of Life Guards; and left it by the Bethnal-Green exit On the Hackney Road the line- of police was broken through by two enthusiastic ladies armed_ -with bouquets, which the Queen accepted amidst loud cheers. In. Shoreditch, of course, the crowds were tremendous, and all along Bishopsga,te street to the Bank. The Lord Mayor stood. in his State robes under the portico of the Mansion House to salute the Queen, who rose and bowed to him, amidst great signs of delight from the crowd. Then she returned by the Embankment to the Palace, which she reached within two. hours and a half from her departure. It was but a lightning flash of royalty past the eyes of the poor, but it seems to have dazzled. and delighted them.