5 APRIL 1873, Page 3

'The papers have been full all the week of "

later-University " matches. There have been the Boat-race, the Chess Mitch, the Racquet Match, the Billiard Match, and the Athletic Sports. The Boat-race was an easy victory for Cambridge, which led from the very first, and won by about three lengths in 19 minutes 36 seconds, the shortest time that this race has yet been accom- plished in,—but the speed was due to the tide, and not to the prowess of the crews. The weather was glorious—perfect summer —and the public excitement was greater than ever. 'Even the blessed engine that brought me down to town,' one man was heard to say with infinite enthusiasm, "had a blue favour stuck on it!" In the evening the crews were entertained by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House, and were duly petted on all sides.