5 APRIL 1873, Page 3

The Women are beginning to show how much they value

the new opportunities offered them of higher education. One student A Girton College (the college which has hitherto had its habita- tion at Hitchin), Miss Woodhead, has passed the same mathe- matical examination at Cambridge as the graduates in honours, and has reached the level of a Senior Optime. Two students of the same college (Miss Cook and Miss Lumsden) have passed

the examination for the Classical Tripes in a manner satisfactory to the examiners ; and Miss Cook's answers in Aristotle were said to be among the best sent in. We are glad to hear that the late Mrs. Somerville has bequeathed her mathematical library to Girton College. Funds ought to pour in rapidly on this noble institution if there be any real desire on the part of men to find intellectual as well as moral sympathy in the other sex. But the utterly groundless fear of making women mannielt will yet for a time obstruct the flow of wealth to Girton College.