5 APRIL 1879, Page 24


The Expositor. Edited by the Rev. Samuel Cox. Volume VIII. (Hodder and Stoughton.)—The editor continues his excellent exposi- tion of the Book of Job, dealing with "The Second Colloquy," i.e., chapters xxi.-xxvii. The tenor of the argument is very clearly given. We fancy that there are not a few readers of this book who fancy that one chapter is about as good as another. They should study Mr- Cox's account of it. Among the other chief contents of the volume may be noticed Professor Fairbairn's " Studies in the Life of Christ," Professor Reynolds's commentary on " The Epistle to Titus," and a paper by Dr. Sanday, on " Some Leading Ideas in the Theology of St. Paul." Mr. Balgournie has an ingenious theory about the age of the Antediluvians. The historian stated, he says, the age of the man and the duration of his dynasty separately. Thus,—" Adam lived thirty and a hundred years. And he begat Sheth." This is the age of the man. " And all the days of Adam were nine hundred and thirty years." This was the duration of his dynasty. We are curious to see how he deals with some difficulties which he admits at the end of the paper, and shall reserve our opinion till then.