5 APRIL 1924, Page 9




THEquestion of Canada's national status is one which crops up from time to time in the debate in the House of Parliament in Ottawa. A few days since Mr. Woodsworth, the Labour Member for Winnipeg, introduced a resolution as follows :—" In the opinion of this House, the governing powers of Canada, as con- stituted by the British North America Act, as amended and as altered from time to time hereafter, ought to possess under the British Crown the same powers with regard to Canada, its affairs and people, as the Par- liament of Great Britain possesses in regard to Great Britain, its affairs and people." Mr. Lapointe, the Minister of Justice, said that Canada suffered no dis- abilities under the present arrangement. The Prime Minister, Mr. Mackenzie King, said that he felt no sense of subordination in Canada. " Canadians could do as they like with their own affairs, but as regards Imperial affairs," he added, " I hope the day will never come when I shall deny that Canada has some responsibility to other parts of the British Empire as well as to herself, and I hope the day will never come when Canada will hesitate to recognize her responsibility."