5 APRIL 1924, Page 9

When the British and the Egyptian Government get together with

the object of clearing away outstanding difficulties between the two countries, one of the most difficult problems which they will have to solve will be that of the Sudan, for the British and Egyptian attitude as regards this great territory are as wide apart as the poles. The Egyptian Nationalists say that the Sudan should belong to Egypt, while the British attitude is that in view of the fact that the Egyptians had been turned out of the Sudan, and that that country was only reconquered through British aid when the Mandi was defeated, Great Britain's claim cannot be denied. The great work of civilization which has been carried on by the British since 1898 must also be taken into account. The point which the Egyptian claim appears to ignore is a very important one, namely, the wishes of the Sudanese people themselves, in so far as their wishes are articulate. Great Britain holds the position of trustee for the welfare of the Sudanese, and their welfare must be her one and only consideration. Can anyone seriously imagine that the Sudanese would like to be handed over, lock, stock and barrel, to the Cairo Government ?