5 APRIL 2003, Page 33

Foolish delusions

From Donna Sherwood Sir: We are all very touched here across the pond by Peter Hitchens's expressions of concern over the possible prospective loss of civil liberties via the Justice Department (Not in our name', 29 March). We are also very gratified to hear the historical narrative of his support for our role in the Cold War which has allowed you all to live in the current utopian dream. Frankly, as his brother — a man of inestimable stature — considers him a deluded fool, I will cast my vote with his judgment. Please instruct him to address his attention to a much more serious and pressing matter: the gov

erning structure of the EU with its universally recognised 'democracy deficit' which appears to be mostly unaccountable. Although we certainly appreciate the con

cern, I think we can handle our own problems without the condescending advice of a continent with more than 150 years' history of catastrophic failures that have to be redressed by an unjustly criticised US. Donna Sherwood New York, USA