5 APRIL 2003, Page 63

Q. How can I stop people sending me flowers I

do not like?! have just received a bunch of gaudy carnations and gypsophila through the post from Jersey. This is not the first time.

Name and address withheld A. You must just be grateful that you have received anything at all and that somebody wanted to make you happy. It is bad luck on the kind well-wisher that the florist sent stuff in bad taste, but florists, ironically, often seem to lack taste and, as you say, it was not the first time and it will not be the last. People who receive floral tributes that are not to their liking must also be grateful that they were not sent a hideous 'ornament' which the donor would then expect to see displayed in perpetuity on a central surface in their living quarters. At least the floral tribute runs its course in a week or so and can then be disposed off on the compost heap, where finally it will serve a usefid purpose.