5 APRIL 2003, Page 63

Q. My parents-in-law have taken to dropping round uninvited. While

I do not dislike them, they always seem to appear at an inconvenient time, when either the house is looking horribly dishevelled or lam. My husband doesn't see anything wrong with this and gets very offended when I mention it. How can I ensure that they come by invitation only? They're driving me mad!

M.P., Colchester, Essex A. Teach yourself the yoga position 'the corpse'. Read a few paragraphs about the benefits of yoga. Then you will be well equipped to reply, when next they ask how you are, 'Really well. I've started doing yoga. It's very soothing especially the corpse position where you turn off all the telephones and just lie really flat and relax every single muscle in your body by turn. Then you lie there listening to your own breath.' Then add, as though you have just thought of it, By the way, apparently people should ring me up if they are going to drop in, so I'm not jolted out of a deep state of relaxation by a doorbell. That can be quite bad for you.' In this way you will see an end to the nuisance without having given offence.