5 DECEMBER 1885, Page 2

The Servian war with Bulgaria drags. The Prince of Bulgaria

captured First on November 27th, but was there met by a General in the Austrian service, who asked him in the name of the Emperor to agree to an armistice, hinting that if he did not he might have Austrian troops to face. The Prince thereupon agreed to a truce; bat peace is far from certain. The Austrian Emperor's exercise of " influence " has provoked from the Czar a general order thanking General Cautacuzene and his subordinates for the admirable way in which they had trained the Bulgarians; and it is quite possible that Prince Alexander, seeing safety only in audacity, and believing that the Emperors shrink from war, may insist on an indemnity, and go forward. The Conference at Constantinople has broken up, being unable to agree to anything, and negotiations are going forward in private, with the object, it is said, of uniting the Bulgarias, and giving Austria a little piece of Macedonia where her Southern railway can run,—a com- promise to which Lord Salisbury would not object. The Turks have sent Deputy Commissioners to Philippopolis, whom the Roumeliots are mightily inclined to hang ; but it is not pro- bable that anything very serious will occur until Prince Alex- ander can make some arrangement at Vienna, under which he will give up his claims on Servia, but will receive Eastern Ronmelia, and possibly even a part of Macedonia, to hold under the Sultan. The Greeks can light the fire if they will ; but the Greeks are too clever for their destiny. They always see all the obstacles which impede action.