5 DECEMBER 1885, Page 22

A Tangled Web. By Emily Sarah Holt. (J. F. Shaw

and Cod)— Miss Holt has chosen for the subject of her tale the perplexed his- torical problem of Perkin Warbeek, and has woven the facts (she adheres to the impostor theory, and gives very good reasons for her adherence) into a good story. The first act of the drama opens at Tournay, where we are introduced to Piers -van Osbe.ck, who is to-be converted into the Duke of York, son of Edward IV.,,and real heir of the White Rose. The Van Osbecks are a Jewish family converted to Christianity ; powerful use is made of this element in the story. In fact, the whole book shows not only careful study of the history, but considerable literary ability.