5 DECEMBER 1885, Page 22



The Dragon and the Raven ; or, the Days of King Alfred. By G. A. Henty. (Blackie and Son.)—This is a spirited romance, told by Mr. Henty with all the skill which he knows how to employ on such occa- sions. Young Edmund fights gallantly against the overwhelming power of the Danes under King Ethelred and his brother Alfred ; fits up a great ship, with which he retaliates for some of the ravages committed_on his country ; is taken prisoner, and narrowly escapes being offered as a sacrifice to Odin ; falls in love with Freda, daughter -of a Danish chief, and goes through other adventures which boys and girls may very pleasantly and profitably follow in Mr. lienty's story. Among the incidents is the siege of Paris by the Norsemen. This is very vividly described. Is it not something of an anachronism to

make Edmund address King Alfred as "your majesty " ? The title, we think, came into use quite late in our history.