5 DECEMBER 1885, Page 3

Lord Duffeiin, with the consent of the Home Govern- ment,

has handed over the rook fortress of Gwalior, which dominates the eity of that name, to the Maharajah Scindiah, and has allowed him to keep three thousand more troops. Had Lord Ripon made those concessions, we should never have heard the last of his weakness ; but it is understood that Lord Thifferin is not weak, and so all men approve. The conceseions are wise enough. An Indian Prince who loves soldiering is a safe enemy, for if he revolts he will face us in the field and be a powerless fugitive half an hour afterwards; and if a principality is suffered to exist, it &old be trusted. Its ruler is not a bit the stronger because he owns one more fortress, while in ceding him that we remove a perpetual cause of disloyalty and irritation. Scindiah is not more dangerous because he can plot in Gwalior instead of outside it; and, as a matter of fact, he is not dangerous at all,—not half so dangerous, for example, as Renss.Greis is to Germany.