5 DECEMBER 1885, Page 3

The.London School Board, instead of electing the late chair- man,

Mr. E. N. Batton, as its new chairman, has preferred to elect the Rev. J. R. niggle, whose policy is supposed to repre- sent a policy of stricter economy, and one opposed to the remission of school fees. An objection was raised to him on the ground of his being a clergyman; but that is a very feeble objection where the clergyman in question is distinguished, as Mr. Diggle has been, for statesmanlike qualities and for a stronggrasp of the financial situation. We regret very much Mr. Buxton's defeat on every account but one; but we should like to see the school fees retained, at least for some time to come, and even permanently retained if they can be.so without putting serious difficulties in the way of efficient education. Mr. Buxton took his defeat with admirable good temper, and in leading Mr. Diggle to the chair, complimented him most cordially on the victory—a victory only gained by a majority of one—,and pro- inised hint the full support of the new Board.