5 DECEMBER 1952, Page 16


Mixed Shows This is the time when the dealers pile their counters with goods for the Christmas market—mixed shows, mostly of nineteenth- and twentieth-century French painting (Tooth's, Gimpel's, Adams'), of lithographs and smaller, cheaper purchases (Redfern, Wildenstein's, Roland, Browse and Delbanco). Of the nine painters at Wilden- stein 's, I liked Clifford Frith's developing talent in a post-impres- sionist key, John Ward's charming sketches, and Leonard Rosoman's recent paintings, as subtle in colour and suave in handling as always. It is time we saw another full exhibition of this elusive artist's work. At the Redfern are a large number of preliminary sketches, musings, explorations, by Graham Sutherland for his big Festival-mural—now the imposing centrepiece of the large exhibition of his work which has come from Venice to the Musee d'Art Moderne in Paris, and which later is to be seen in Switzerland and Holland. Downstairs will be found a covetable series of gouache sketches for paintings by Keith Vaughan. These admirable little works sum up in miniature all the essential and most winning qualities of Vaughan's post-war work. (Vaughan, incidentally, with Sutherland and Hitchens, IS popular with the "Three Young Collectors" at the Arts Connell Gallery. This exhibition includes also an interesting group of dray/.