5 DECEMBER 1952, Page 5

What is to be said of the extraordinary success of

the new Revised Standard Version of, the Bible, at a time when churches are said to be empty and interest in religion confined to a diminishing minority It is true that it is in America, where the new translation was made, that its popularity is most marked. That it should have sold a million copies there in the first month of publication and another 800,000 in the four weeks since, in spite of the fact that the New Testament portion had already been published some years ago, is surely remark- able enough. What the price is in Amerita I have not heard, but it is not likely to be less. than the price of the British edition, which is 30s. But after all this is only history repeating itself. The publication of the Revised Version of the New Testament (in this country) in 1881 caused something of a furore. Two New York papers, I believe, had the whole text cabled, and published it in their columns.