5 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 20


Tuesday, February 1.


WARD and SUTTON Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, chymists—T. and W. JEN. NINGS, Pleasant Row, Spitalfields, jacquard-machine-manufacturers—B ouv SRIa and Co. Haymarket, bankers—S ELDEN and Sons, St. Margaret's, Kent, timber.mer. chants; as far as regards S. SIDDP.N sem—Waves. and STONE, Bristol, dealers in tea—J. and T.BisaoP, Nottingham, merchants—Gm:m.4,RD and BROWN, Kingston upon-Hull, coach-makers—CLARE and Wvativs, Liverpool, malt-merchants—WIG LIAMS and GEA FLY, Shrewsbury, tailors—GIFFORD and tin LI, Netberbury, flax:spin- ners—KAY and Sons' Limefieid and Manchester, woollen-manufacturers—Exam- s sen. MOODY and FAR RAE, Roal, Yorkshire, packet or Sy-boat-owners—Ito NT and Gnus:, Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, surgeons—Own-Lim and Co. London Wall, chymists—Foannam and BRIGHT, North and SOuth Audley Streets, M sur- geons—al`KtNLAY and STEVEN, Chester, Been-drapers—KING and WERE, 'Copt- hall Court, attornies—GuTuats and Co. Masbrough, Yorkshire, carriers by water— DYER and CnoaT, Braintree, Essex, cabinet-makers—SWIFT and Sons, Hudders- field, cloth-drawers—M'Cuas and COOPER, Cheadle Bulkeley, Cheshire, silk. throwsters—MIDGLEY and WILKINSON, Colne, Lancashire, hat-manufacturers- R. and w. BOULDSWORTH and FAIRBAIRN, Glasgow and Leeds, machine-makere..


INSOLE, GEOR nE, Cardiff, brick-merchant, Jan. 31. STEVENSON, THOMAS, Chesterfield, joiner, Jan. 31.

BANKRUPTCY ENLARGED. MACDONALD, ANGUS, and CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD, Regent Street, St. James's, army-agents, from Dec. 24 to Feb. 11.


WEBB, SAMUEL, Reading, builder.

BANKRUPTS. AUGHTERLONY, JAMES RALPH, Great Ormond Street, dyer, to surrender Feb. 11, 18, March 15: solicitors, Messrs. Beethatn, Freeman's Court, Comhill. BOND, ROBERT, Plymouth, printer, Feb. 16, 17, March 15: solicitors, Mr. Blake, Essex Street ; and Mr. Prideaux, Plymouth.

COULSTOCK, JOSEPH, Reigate, Sorry, miller, Feb. 4, 18, March 15 : solicitors, Messrs. Litt's' anti Son, Dyers' Hall, Dowgate Hill ; and Mr. Hart, Reigate. • HAMER WILLIAM, Wigan, Lancashire, coach-maker, Feb. 9, 10, March 11: solicitors, Non-is and Co. John Street, Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Bat- tersby and Bancks, Wigan. HAWKS WORTH, EDWARD, Almondbury, Yorkshire, grocer, Feb. 10, 11, March 15: solicitors, Messrs. Bettye and Co. London and Messrs. Cloughs and Norton, Huddersfield. Boss's:, ROBERT, Manchester, silk-mercer, Feb. 17, 18, March 15 : solicitors, Messrs. Flindmarsh and Son, Crescent, Jewln Street, Crlpplegate ; and Messrs. Hittdmarsh and Son, Manchester.

JAcxsosr, Jon sr, Shad *ernes, Horsleydown, coal-merchant, 'Feb. 8, 18, March 13 : solicitor, Mr. Rattenbury, St. John's, Southwark.

JONES, Davin, Cynwyd, Merionethshire. vier alter, Jan. 7,8, March 15. KIDD, JA 31ES. Brook-green Terrace, Hammersmith, baker, Feb. 4, 11, March 15: solicitor, Mr. Laver, Brook-green Terrace, Hammersmith. PAnnox, FaAs:cts WILLIAM, Plymouth, printer, Feb. 14, 15, March 15 : soli- citor, Mr. Squire, Plymouth.

Ps:Anse, J onN, Sidbury, Devonshire, victualler,`Feb. 7,11, March 15 : solicitors, Mr. Dyne, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; and Mr. Daw, Exeter.

. SPURS, STRAFFORD, Warnford Court, Throgmorton Street, merchant, Feb. 8, IS, March 15: solicitors, Messrs. Templer and Co. Great Tower Street. THOMSON, ROBERT, Liverpool and.Earston, merchant and farmer, Feb. 22, 23, March 15 : solicitors, Messrs: Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Houghton and Broadhurst, Liverpool. TIPTON, RICHARD, Gloucester, scrivener, Feb. 14, 13, March 15: solicitors, Messrs. Tornlins and Mayhew. Staple Inn ; and Mt. Ward, Cheltenham. WnITE, WILLIAM, Leamington Priors, Warwickshire, upholsterer, Feb. 10, II, March 15 : solicitors, Messrs. Meyrick and Cox, Red Lion Square ; and Messrs. Barbary and Lampray.


Feb. 22, Rogers, High Road, Knightsbridge, victualler—Feb. 22, Coppock and Cross, Gutter Lane, Cheapside, silk-warehousemen—Feb. 22, Waring, Somerset Place and Barnes Terrace, factor—Feb. 22, Graves, Langbourn Chambers, mer- chant—Feb. 8, Biggs, Russia Row, silk-manufacturer—Feb. 25, Kieckhoefer, Islington, dealer—Feb. 22, Mayne, Jermyn Street, St. James's, banker—Feb. 25, Scott and Ellis, Cateaton Street, warehousemen—Feb. 25, Biggs, Walworth, sur- veyor—Feb. 22, Stansbie, Birmingham, paper-dealer—Feb. 24, Walters, Swansea, Glamorganshire, linen-draper—Feb. 22, Meredith, Prescot, Lancashire. innkeeper —Feb. 22, Hudson, Birmingham, .victualler—March 1, Wyatt, Plymouth, grocer— Feb. 24, Wilde, Wath-upon.Dearne, Yorkshire, grocer—March 3, J. and W. Jack- son, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, bankers.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Feb. 22. Manley, Wentworth Street, Whitechapel, sugar-refiner—Thomas and Watford, Fenchurch Street, brokers—Greening, Sheffield, draper—Plummer and 'Wilson, Fenchurch Street, merchants—Padley, 7'etford, Lincolnshire, common brewer— Bogart, Lawrence Lane, Cheapside, tea-dealer—Fryer, Sunderland, Durham, ship- owner—Tirpin and Armitage, Doncaster, coach-makers—Hill, Greek Street, Soho, picture-dealer—Walker, Portsmouth, merchant.


ANDERSON, J oux, Aberdeen, merchant, Feb. 4, 19.

Friday, February 4.


Straws's:a and NE LDER, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire, plumbers and painters .--BARNAltD and DE Fates, Croydon, Surry, gas contractors—MASSEY and SmiTti, Nottingham, machine-builders—By E as and BASSET, Pall-Mall, St. James's, hatters —RoirLE and HOLDERNESSE, Manchester, commission-agents—OnaiDoE and MEIN, Cambridge, chemists and druggists—Messrs.WEsT, Irthlingborough, North- amptonshire, parchment-makers—WHITBY and HuNTINoTox, Liverpool, house and ornamental painters and glaziers—Messrs. EDINGTON, Portland Street, Soho, gold-workers—BLE w ITT and Roe cut, Monmouthshire, printers—Ronss and BATTY, Sheffield, coach-proprietors—FAuLnirso and WH EELER, Coventry Street, Haymarket, looking-glass-manufacturers—MARRIOTT and Co., Wellinborough, Northamptonshire, linen-drapers so far as regards WILLIAMS ON p—ScorT and .1-loo HA 51, Preston, Lancashire, straw-hat-manufacturers—CREED and WAKEFIELD, dealers in Tenby coals—HEATH and HOLLAND, Birmingham, engravers, and copper- plate and letter-press-printers—HALL and EE a sHAw, Mount Pleasant Mill, Old- ham, Lancashire, cotton-spinners—Messrs. SECRETAN, London—Woos, FIT and NEAVES, Newark-upon-Trent, Nottinghamshire, fishmongers—HALL, Burslem, and HALL, Tunstall, Staffordshire, manufacturers of earthenware—Messrs. EVE s, Bath, grocers and tallow.chandlers—HARRIS ON and COULTHARD, Southampton Buildings, attornies and solicitors—YARKER and HARRISON, trustees of J. YAREER, deceased, and YArtsis a, Ulverston, Lancashire, wine and spirit-mer- chants, common-brewers, dealers in porter, maltsters, and dealers in tea—B mows: and Co., Liverpool, dealers so far as regards FRODS HA 31 ;—HoLnitooK and BAN- CR OPT, London Road, Manchester, flour and provision-dealers, and Broughton Road, Salford, grocers and tea-dealers—alAsoxy and Cu NXINGRASIs, Liverpool, dealers—WILLIAsis ox and PETERS, Brown's Lane, Spitatfields, fringe-manufac- turers—KERNOT and WHITE, Little George Street, Minories, curriers and leather- sellers—Coa ma and GLADSTONE, Liverpool, brokers and commission-agents- HARRISON and Cots, Kirby Moorside, surgeons, &C.


ALLNUT, Some, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, paper-maker, to surrender Feb. 8, 15, March 18: solicitor, Mr. Richardson, Ironmonger Lane, Cheapside. ANS ELL, Mosss and JACOB, Berkeley Street, Lambeth Walk, dealers in jewel- lery, Feb. 18, 22, March 18: solicitors, Messrs. Yates and Sydney, Bury Street, St. Mary Axe. BRIM/COMBF., WILLIAM, Totness, Devonshire, plumber, Feb. 14, 15, March 18 : solicitors, Messrs. King and Whitaker, Gray's Inn Square ; and Messrs. Cary and Cross, Bristol. BURT, TsomAs, Holborn Hill, manufacturer, Feb. 11, 18, March 18: solicitor, Mr. Hall, Great James Street, Bedford Row. COLE, SAMUEL, Shimpling, Suffolk, maltster, Feb. 11, 12, March 18: soli- citors, Mr. Walter, Symond's Inn, Chancery Lane ; and Mr. Wayman, Bury St. Edmund's.

DES ORMEAUX, DANIEL, Coles Terrace, White Conduit Fields, chymist, Feb. 15, 18, March 18: solicitor, MT. Brooks, New Inn. FARRELL, JOHN, Liverpool, horse-dealer, Feb. 14, 15, March 19: solicitors, Messrs. Bebb and Canning, Great Marlborough Street ; and Mr. Armstrong, Liverpool. Low Nn, GEORGE ELEKER, Ratcliffe Highway, ironmonger, Feb. 15, 18, March 18: solicitor, Mr. Hensman, Bond Court, Walbrook. MIALL, SAMUEL, Sun-tavern Fields, St. George-in-the-East, licensed-victualler, Feb. 8,22, March 18: solicitors, Messrs. Lowe, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane.

O'NIELL, CHARLES, Liverpool, joiner, Feb. 14, 15, March 19: solicitors,Messrs. Bebb and Canning, Great Marlborough gtreet ; and Mr. Armstrong, Liverpool. PERRY, HENRY, Old Jewry, baker, and George Street, Bethnal Green, licensed- victualler, Feb. 11, 18, March 18: solicitor, Mr. Aston, Old Broad Street. TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER, York, innkeeper, Feb. 16, 17, March 19: solicitors, Messrs. Smithson and Co. New Inn; and Mr. Robinson, York.


Feb. 25, Barnes, Ewell, Surry, builder—Feb. 25, Young, High Street, Newington Butts, upholsterer—Feb. 25, Crickitt, Chelmsford, banker—Feb. 25, Young, Man- sell Street, Whiteehapel, carpenter—Feb. 25, Morrell, Store Street, Bedford Square, builder—Feb. 26, J. and J. Sykes, Leeds, merchants—Feb. 26, Bill, Birmingham, brass cock founder—Feb. 26, Lee, Chorley, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturer- Feb. 26, Haslam, Bolton-le-Moors, tripe-dresser—Feb. 26, Horton, Bolton-le- Moors, inn-keeper—Feb. 26, 1Vilkinsons and Charlesworth, Gildersome Street, Yorkshire, merchants—Feb. 26, Hodgson, Manchester, merchant—Feb. 26, Heaton, Little Bolton, stone-mason.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Feb. 25.

Fossick, Mumford Court, Milk Street, Cheapside, warehouseman—Kennedy, Keswick, Cumberland, woollen-manufacturer--Turner, Godley, Cheshire, cotton- spinner—Wright, Manchester, bookseller—Upton, Queen Street, Cheapside, oilman —Bond, jun. Honiton, coach-maker—Mackenzie, Regent Street, wine-merchant- Barlow, Austinfriars, commission-merchant.