5 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 20


February 3rd, 1831, GEORGE RENNIE, Esq. V.P., in the Chair. A paper was read " On the Lunar Theory," communicated by the Rev. Dio- nysius Lardner. D.D., F.R.S. The presents announced were—A General History of Birds, in ten volumes ; by Dr. John Latham, F.R.S. Index to the General History of Birds, in one volume ; by the same. Account of the " Traite sur le Flux et Reflux de la Mer," of Daniel Bernouilli : and a Treatise on the Attraction of Ellipsoids ; by John William Lub- bock, Esq., V.P.R.S. The Second Part of the Catalogue of the Hunterian Collection, comprehending the Pathological Preparations in a dried state ; presented by the Royal College of Surgeons. Refutation of Mr. Palgrave's Remarks, with additional facts ; by Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Esq. The Second Number of the Journal of the Royal Institution ; presented by the Managers. The Philosophical Magazine for the pre- sent month ; by the Editors. The Twenty-second Number of the Na- tional Portrait Gallery ; presented by the Proprietors.

Charles James Beverley, Esq. of Bethnal Green, was proposed as can. didate for election as Fellow of the Royal Society.