5 FEBRUARY 1831, Page 20


WAR. OPPIC E, FEB. Regt. of Life Guards: Lieut. T. Medwin, from the half-pay of the 24th Light Dragoons,to be Lieut. vice G.W. Fox Lord Kinnaird, who exchanges ; Corporal T. Taylor to be Regimental Quarter master—Royal Regt. ot Horse Guards : Corporal 11. Tamer to be Regimental Quartermaster-2nd Regt of Dragoon Guards : J. C. Kearney, Gent, to be Cornet by purchase, vice Hodge, who retires-3rd Dragoon Guards : Lieut. C. A- Sheppard, from the 31st Foot, to be Lieut. vice W. H. B. J. Wilson, who retires upon the half-pay of the New South Wales Veteran Companies-4th Regt. of Light Dragoons : W. B. Hinde, Gent. to be Cornet by purchase, vice Ironside, whose appointment has not taken place-- 2nd Regt. of Foot: Ens. It. Lloyd to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Harvey, de- ceased; Gent. Cadet M. R. Pinfold, from the Royal Mil. Coll, to be Ens, vice Lloyd- 17th Foot : Lieut. H. Carew, from the half-pay of the 17th Light Drag. to be Pay- master, vice Allsopp, who retires, receiving a commutation allowance-26th Foot: Lieut. R. J. E. Rich to be Capt. by purchase, vice Fitzgerald, who retires; Ens. A. E. Shelley to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Rich-29th Foot : Ens. W. Hemphill, from the 66th Regt. to be Ens. vice Judgson, who exchanges-31st Foot : Lieut. R. Travers, from the half-pay of the New South Wales Veterun Company, to be Lieut. vice Sheppard, appointed to the 3rd Drag. Guards-54th Foot : Lieut.-Col. 3. Reed, from the the 68th Regt. to be Lieut.-Col. vice R. Murray, who retires upon half-pay of the Coldstream Foot Guards ; Lieut. W. B. Entrant, from the half-pay of the 3:lth Regt. to be Lieut. vice Richard Gethin Creagh Coote, who exchanges- 66th Foot : Ens. J. L. Judgson, from the 29th Regt. to be Ens- vice Hemphill, who exchanges-68th Foot: Lieut.-Col. T. Barrow, from the half-pay of the Coldstreani Foot Guards, to be Lieut.-Col. vice Reed, appointed to the 54th Foot-78th Foot : D. 111•Neill, Gent, to be En3. by purchase, vice Munro, appointed to the Royal Regt. of Horse Guards-92nd Foot: Lieut. R. Pitcairu, front the 7th Regt. to be Lieut. vice Mackrell, appointed to the 22nd Foot. Brevet—The undermentioned Cadets, of the Hon. the East India Company's Ser- vice, to have temporary rank as Ensigns during the period of their being placed un- der the command of Col. Pasley, of the Royal Engineers, at Chatham, for field in- structions in the art of sapping and mining :—Gent. Cadet .1. Cunningham, Gent. Cadet T. H. Sale, Gent. Cadet S. E. 0. Ludlow, Gent. Cadet W. Graham, Gent. Cadet P. Brougham, Gent. Cadet J. Inverarity.