5 FEBRUARY 1870, Page 3

"A Nonconformist," who writes to the Times, seems to be

in great trouble because it had been (erroneously) reported that the Archbishop of Syra and Tenos, robed in his vestments, had joined an Anglican procession in York Minster, and had after- wards pronounced the benediction in Greek. He thinks people would be much scandalized if Mr. Dale, the eminent Independent, had been permitted to do as much in an Anglican service as it was supposed that the Greek Archbishop had done. No doubt. But would it not have been better for "A Nonconformist" to have turned his letter round the other way, and argued in favour of Mr. Dale's blessing not doing us any harm, and possibly even good, rather than against the willingness to be blessed by the Archbishop of Syra ? The Archbishop of York remarks in explanation that the fact that the Greek Archbishop was an " alien " has very little relevancy in connection with a prayer. We heartily agree with hina. But we have our doubts whether, if Mr. Dale had been his guest, and a like deputation had come to Mr. Dale, Dr. Thomson would have asked that excellent man to pronounce a blessing at.all, though he is not an alien,—only a Dissenter.