5 FEBRUARY 1870, Page 3

At a public meeting convened on Monday by the National

Education League in St. George's Hall, Langham Place, the Rev. D. Canty, Roman Catholic priest of the district, attended, and showed a good deal of pluck,—moving an amendment to leave out the word " unsectarian " from the original resolution, declaring that "he was ashamed of the meeting for having hissed the sentiment that the Bible should be read in the. schools," and finally pointing out "one very weak point" in the League's scheme, "that though it went for " compul- sory " secular education on the week-day, it did not go for any compulsory religious education on the Sunday. Of course Mr. Canty was much interrupted and outvoted, but he did a brave thing, and we take leave to assure our Roman Catholic friends that if they would mix a little more openly in general affairs, without in the least yielding their own position, they would be more generally esteemed, and have far greater public influence, than they have at present.