5 JULY 1884, Page 10

Nothing whatever has transpired about the proceedings in Conference, as

the diplomatists, aware that thousands could be made of the smallest hint, feel bound to keep their secret. There are, as might be expected, endless rumours, all directed, be it observed, to the same end,—to show that the Conference rejects British proposals, and that the coupon will not be cut. They are, in fact, " bull " rumours. Only one fact is authentically known—that the Italian Foreign Minister, Signor Mancini, has informed the Chamber that Italy supports the British propositions; and only one semi-authentic fact—that the Domain Loan is exempted from the cutting. This loan, which amounts only to £7,500,000, was raised to fund the Floating Debt, was supposed to be lent on perfect security, and was advanced on comparatively fair terms. It is, therefore, treated like a mortgage debt in bank- ruptcy.