5 JULY 1884, Page 11

On Thursday, the annual meeting of the Metropolitan Asso- ciation

for Befriending Young Servants was held at Stafford House, under the presidency of Lord Hampden. The report explained how much the Association had effected during the last year,—more than 4,000 girls having received various kinds of help from the Association, help in the direction of obtaining respectable places and of keeping them, and of obtaining needful rest and medical aid when attacked by disease,—and how great is the difficulty of finding the resources requisite for the various objects of the Association. The Chairman of the Association, Rev. Brooke Lambert, Vicar of Greenwich, explained the various objects of the Association; and Cardinal Manning, who is never wanting to any wise and needful charity, moved a resolution commending the Association to the support of the public, which was seconded by Mr. W. S. Caine, M.P., and unanimously carried. We heartily hope that the meeting may be productive of that generous support which the Association (whose offices are at 14 Grosvenor Road, S.W.), so greatly needs. No more prudent and no less enervating charity exists in London.