5 JULY 1986, Page 24


Sir: I have just read Chistopher Hitchens's article 'Voting for the millennium' in the 7 June issue. Reference is made to several North American evangelists, one in par- ticular, Jimmy Swaggart, as being 'associ- ated with hateful remarks about Jews or black people'.

I watch Mr Swaggart's programme on television every week and have never seen anyone with such love for both of the above groups, not to mention the nation Israel. Mr Swaggart's organisation is also involved in feeding thousands of starving children in Calcutta, Haiti, El Salvador and other parts of the world. He has also built many schools for these children so enabling them to get a basic education.

He doesn't mince words when it comes to preaching out against sin (pornography, incest, homosexuality, alcohol etc) and its effect on society. I only wish his program- me would appear on British television.

He is also a very talented musician and thousands of desperately hurting people have found their lives changed by coming to know the Lordship of Jesus Christ as a result of his ministry.

Christina Brock

10-D Arnold Drive, Nepean, Ontario