5 JULY 1986, Page 38

One hundred years ago

The relations between Russia and Bulgaria are said to be becoming more `strained' than ever. The semi-official Russian Press declares that Prince Alex- ander 'presumes to disregard the deci- sions of Europe,' and the non-official Press suggests that he ought to be hanged; while the Russian Government presses the Sultan by every kind of menace, including a demand for an indemnity in arrears, to interfere in Sofia. A formal Note has even been presented to the Porte complaining that Prince Alexander has violated the Organic Statute of Eastern Roumelia, and that the two Bulgarias are becom- ing one, in spite of the decision of Conference. The Sultan is indisposed to interfere, but has circulated a despatch announcing that he has recommended moderation to the Prince. The Prince himself has openly informed a deputa- tion which besought him to reconcile himself with Russia, that he does not know what Russia wants; that he has repeatedly made overtures . . . .

Spectator, 3 July 1886