5 JUNE 1830, Page 11


On the 1st inst. at St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, Captain CnAnzus Buzz:I:Ls r, of His Majesty's 2nd Regiment of Life Guards, to Louis:I, daughter of Charles Lyne Stephens, Esq. On the 1st inst. at St. Mark's, Kennington, by the Rev. II. S. Piumtre, EDWARD son of Robert Puckle, Esq., of Camberwell, to ELIZABETH SARAH, daughter of the late Joseph Smith, Esq. of Lee Lodge, Kent. On the 1st inst. at St. Marylehone Church, Jon SAVAGE, Esq. M.D., Bernard Street, Russell Square, to ANNA MARIA SOPHIA, youngest daughter of Major Henry Maxwell, of Straquhaue, Dumfries-shire, and Salt-Savanna, Jamaica. On the 4th of May, at Malta, ROBERT CLEMENT SCONCE, Esq., to Mrs. HENRY PARLBV. On the 29th of May, at Tor Church, Devon, Major-General Sir CuAncEs Pit/ Lix es, of Lyndhurst, limits, to HARRIET, relict of the Rev. Richard Strode, of Newnharn Park, Devon, daughter of the late Sir Frederick, and sister of Sir John Leman Rogers, Bart., of lliaehford, in the same county. On the 20th of .Tanuary, at the Cathedral, Calcutta, by the Venerable Archdeacon Corrie, Captain GEORGE HuTCH /NS ox, of the Bengal Engineers, to ELIZABETH HARRINGTON, second daughter of the late Rev. T. T. Thomason, Chaplain on this Establishment. On the 18th of January, at the Cathedral, Calcutta, by the Rev. W. HOVelldeD, RICHARD HOLDSWORTH, Esq., to Miss CAROLINE ANNE MINCHEN, the daughter of T. A. Minehen, Esq. On the 28th of December, at Cawnpore, by the Rev. E. White, Captain W. BuntTore, of the 4th Light Cavalry, Assistant Commissary-General, to JANE ELIZA, second daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel P. T. Comyn, commanding 24th Regiment of Native Infantry.