5 JUNE 1830, Page 20


Tuesday, June 1.


SMALLWOOD and BovEn, York Terrace, Commercial Road, brass-foundersGOODWI tv and MEANT N, East Street, Manchester Square, glass-cutters—HE VOATE and Aansv, Market Harborough, surgeons—HEWITT and WI Las A ms, Manchester, tailors—LEno and BALLARD, Cross Street, Finsbury Square, paper-stainers—LE MARE and Cu 513IINGS, Manchester, silk-manufacturers—SIMPSON and Co., Peterborough, general merchants.


SAMUEL WRIGHT BARRINGER, St. John Street, West Smithfield, tavern-keeper, from June 4 to June 15.


WILLIAM HAYWARD, Braintree, Essex, tailor.


BIGGS, BENJAMIN, Walworth, surveyor, June 4, 15, July 13: solicitors, Messrs.

Teesdale, Symes, and Weston, Fenchurch Street.

HARVEY, SAMUEL, Bodmin, Cornwall, builder, June 23, 24, July 13 : solicitor,

Mr. Smith, Basinghall Street.

HOLMES, WILLIAM, Salford, Lancashire, ironmonger, June 14,15, July 13 : soli

citors, Messrs. Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford Row.

MAcnoxALD, JOHN, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, draper, June 14, 15, July 13: so licitors, Messrs. Dawson and Hawkins, New Boswell Court. MARSH, THOMAS, Bath, mercer, June 16, 17, July 13: solicitor, Mr. Jones, Crosby

Square, Bishopsgate Street.

PARKER, J o fix, Whittington, Worcestershire, horse-dealer, June 10, 11, July 18:

solicitors, Messrs. Cardale and Newton, South Square, Gray's Inn.

SADLER, WILLIAM, Dartford, lime-burner, June 8, 11, July 13 : solicitor, Mr.

Bush, Crown Court, Threadneedle Street.

Youmo, GODFREY, High Street, Newington Butts, upholsterer, June 8,15, July 13: solicitor, Mr. Thornbury, Chancery Lane.


3.11/18 25, Thatcher, Strutton Ground, Westminster, victualler—June 15, Maw. hood, Well Street, Wellclose Square, soap-manufacturer—June 8, Be Alzede, Bank Buildings, merchant—June 22, Stunt, King Square, St. Luke's, dyer—Jure 22, Jones and Co., Davis's Lower Wharf, Potter's Fields, Southwark, wharfingers ...-June 22, Simmons, Lewes, Sussex, linen-draper—June 22. Foster, Maidenhead, Berkshire, draper—June 15, Robinson, New Brentford Wharf, Middlesex, wharlinger—June 22 Jobling, Duke Street, Adelphi, wine-merchant—June 22, Bartlett, Barnstaple, Devonshire, woollen-draper—June 22, Want, Skinner Street, cabinetmaker—June 29, Wall, Great Titchfield Street, Marylebone, tailor—June 22, Scott and Co, Cateaton Street, warehousemen—June 22, Smith, Caroline Mews, Bedford Square, livery-stable-keeper—June 22, Oldfield, Norton Street, Tottenham Court Road, wine-merchant—June 22, Gutteridge, St. Alban's, Hertfordshire, brandymerchant—June 24, Grant, Gosport, silversmith—June 29, Devey and Co„ Goldshill, Staffordshire, iron-manufacturers—June 29, Fereday, Bilston, Staffordshire, banker s—July 12, Wild, Mumps, Lancashire, cotton-spinner—June 23, Petrie, Liverpool, wine-merchant—June 25, Wild, Saddleworth, Yorkshire woollen-cloth-manufacturer—July 5, Newton, Peddleton, Lancashire, grocer—June 24, Goold, Swindon Wiltshire, builder—June 24, Loft, Woodbridge, Suffolk, corn-merchant—June 22, Cattell, Coventry, riband-manufacturer—June 22, Cooke, Coventry, riband-manufacturer—June 22, Spencer, Foleshill, riband-manufacturer—June 24, Bray and Co., Mold Green, Yorkshire, fancy-cloth-manufacturers.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before June 22.

Id`Donald, Liverpool, surgeon—Taylor, Chippenham, Wiltshire, clothier—Browmelt, Oxford Street, straw-hat-manufacturer—Selby, Standard Hill, Nottinghamshire, lace-manufacturer—Babbitts, Heytesbury, Wiltshire, farmer—Bird, Brighthelmstone, Sussex, linen-draper—Belshaw and Co., Manchester, machine-makersRing, Austwick, Yorkshire, grazier—Bristowe, sen., Poole, spirit-dealer—Cox, Church Street, Soho, tailor—Vandrant, Brewer Street, Golden Square, engraverRutile% Bristol, slate-merchant.


ALEXANDER HARDIE, Greenock, ship.owner, June 8, 23.

Friday, June 4.


711MORRAN and Co., Kingston-upon-Hull, dealers in Irish linen—THOMAS and Son, Sheffield, merchants—CHANDLER and RENWICK, Canterbury, surgeons— J. and J. H. lb camas% Lymington, Hampshire, attorneys-at-law.,-HAnw 00n and DANIELL, Bristol 'wholesale-grocers—GREGORY and SWAIN, St. Alban's, Hert, fordshire, stone-niasons—RuTHE RFORD and PENDLEBURY, Bolton-le-Moors, slaters—SMITH and CHAR LEs, Loughborough, merchants—JONES and Co., Liverpool, appraisers—MEMDUAM, CAILLER, and Co., Messina—WADDINoTom and Co., Manchester, glue-manufacturers—CoLvzLLE, WEDDERBURN, and Co., London, West India merchants—JAMES and THOMAS, Cardiff, merchants—CArzEtt and WiLits, Macclesfield, silk-dyers—J. and J. B. MOODY, Brabant Court, Philpot Lane, wholesale tea-dealers—RATTENBURYS and Co., Plymouth, Roman cement manufacturers—W. and T. PowELL, Bristol, glass-merchants—MANN and Co., Bradford and Horton, Yorkshire, merchants ; as far as regards B. WILL/Am s oxPAGETS and WALLIS, Loughborough, lace-manufacturers—WEST and KING, Camelford, Cornwall, surgeons—Mon nts and ROBERTSON, Glasgow, silk-manufacturers—W., .1., T., H., and J. SLINGSBY, Everton and Manchester, graziers; as far 83 regards JOHN SLINGSSY.


May 31.—ANN and THOMAS RIVERS, Egham, brewers.



[To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall Street.] HOBBS, JOSEPFt, Arlington sc. Joni' orreet, ironmonger, June Iii, 25, July 16: solicitors, Messrs. Patten and Smith, Hatton Garden. HoLus, CHARLES, Upper Stamford Street, Lambeth, engineer, June 11,22, July 16: solicitor, Mr. Cole, Furnival's Inn. KAIsr, HENRY, Tyssen Place, Kingsland Road, commercial-agent, June 11, 18, July 16: solicitors, Messrs. Statton and Overton, Shoreditch. METZ, SIMEON, Gerrard Street, Soho, bill-broker, June 15, 22, July 16 : solicitor, Mr. Westlake, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.

[To surrender in the Country.]

DOBBIE, ANDREW, Manchester, wine-merchant, June 17, 18, July 16: solicitors, Mr. J. Cole, Sergeant's Inn, Fleet Street ; and Mr. P. W. Dumville Manchester. REID, ANDREW, Bishop-Auckland, Durham, draper, June 15, 29;July 16: solicitOrs, Mr. J. Taylor, Clement's Inn ; and Mr. IL J. Marshall, Durham. SALISBURY, SAMUEL, Liverpool, sail-maker, June 18, 19, July 16: solicitors, Messrs. Blackstock and Bunce, King's Bench Walk, Temple ; and Mr. E. G. Deane, Liverpool. SELLARS, ANN, Manchester, manufacturing-chemist, June 21, 22, July 16: solicitors, Messrs. Hurd and Johnson, Temple; and Mr. W. Pendlebury, Bolton-le-Moors.

TAYLOR, JOHN, Carlisle, wine-merchant, June 30, July 1, 16: solicitors, Messrs. Mounsey and Grey, Staple Inn ; and Mr. J. Hodgson, Wigton. THOMAS, JOHN, Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire, victualler, June 18, 19, July 16: solicitors, Mr. J. Williams, Verulam Buildings, Gray's Ian; and Mr. Henry M. Watts, Yeovil.


June 25, J. Nicholls, St. Alban's, cabinet-maker—June 15,3. Harley, Cheapside, warehouseman—June 18, W. Evans, Rotherhithe, ship-builder—June 25, D. Wood, Milk Street, Cheapside, woollen-warehouseman—June 25, C. Baglehole and J. Redgrave, Mark Lane, merchants—June 25, Franklin, Jermyn Street, tailor—June 25, Mattison, Camberwell, tavern-keeper—June 25, Bradley and Co. Grove, Great Guildford Street, Southwark, iron-founders—June 25, J. and C. Tapp, Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square, coach-makers—June 25, Oke, Falmouth, tailor—June 25, Wheater, Greensted Lodge Farm, Essex, farmer—June 25, Ewer and Scholfield, Lad Lane, warehousemen—June 25, T. B. and W. Clark, Woodbridge, Suffolk, drapers, June 28, Kelshaw, Liverpool, merchant—June 26, Lake, Heaton-Norris, Lancashire, hat-manufacturer—June 28, J. and W. Lewthwaite, Lancaster, scriveners—June 28, Bower, Moorgate, Nottinghamshire, seed-merchant—June 28, Cockshott, Warrington, Green, Manchester, and Swarbrick, lace, Lancashire, Cotton-manufacturers—June 28, Leech, Lane End, Staffordshire, grocer.


To be granted,entless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before June 25. Dunn, New Road, St. George-in-the-East, victualler—Smith, Walham RreeD, Middlesex, stage-coach-proprietor—Curtis, New Street, Dockhead, Southwark, engineer—T. and T. Oriel, Poland Street, Oxford street, tailors—Somerfield, wich, Staffordshire, awl-blade-maker.