5 JUNE 1897, Page 25

Battles 4:1,f the Nineteenth Century. By Archibald Forbes, G. A

Meaty, Major Arthur Griffiths, and others. Vol. II. (Cassell and Co.)--This handsome volume, with nearly eight hundred pages, and abundant illustrations, completes a work cf remarkable interest. The range of subject is large. We are taken in turn to all the conti- nents (even New Zealand appears), and see the exploits of every civilised nation,—and of some that are not civilised. The exigen- cies of periodical publication doubtless demand a somewhat bizarre collocation of incidents. We are taken, for instance, from Khartoum to Dresden, from Dresden again to Petersburg, where the Confederacy finally collapsed, and from there to Bhurtpore. Some future day, perhaps, historical order will be introduced, and the volume might assume a more convenient shape. We are not finding fault, it must be understood. The book is most attractive and admirably done, both as to authorship, illustrations, and general " get-up.*