5 JUNE 1897, Page 25

Notes on Browning. (National Home-Reading Union.)—The Home-Reading Union devoted a

course to the study of Browning. This little volume is devoted to the help of readers who have taken to this subject. The introduction, after long general reflections on the poet and the way in which ho is to be regarded, recommends various poems for special attention (" Paracelsus," " Pippa Passes," " How it Strikes a Contemporary," "Artemis Prologizes," and four others). Then we have various essays on different aspects of the poet's genius, or dealing with particular pieces. Mr. Llewellyn Davies compares Tennyson and Browning, Professor C. E. Vaughan writes on his love poems, Dean Boyle on " Rabbi Ben Ezra," and also contributes a paper, " Reminiscences and Reflections." Then there are notes on the volume of extracts originally recommended for study, these being interspersed among the essays.