5 JUNE 1909, Page 16

rTo TIM EDITOR Or TUE "BrECTATOR."1 Sin,—It is very difficult

for me adequately to express my amazement at the tone of several of the letters arising out of "E. M. L's" letter in your columns. The withholding of the right to Communion from a Christian by the minister of a particular church reflects upon the character of that minister and his power to understand the Christ in Whose name he speaks and acts. The natural sequence would be for the authorities of the church in question to disclaim and condemn any such action as separating their church from the spiritual tradition of the Christian Church. Why all this talk of rubrics and godfathers? An un-Christian act has been com- mitted in a reputedly Christian church. Is this occurrence typical ? Is it generally regretted? Are steps being taken to prevent its recurrence ? Or are we Nonconformists to think, Sir, that the observance of church etiquette is the Anglican aim, and conformity to the spirit of Christ a minor