5 JUNE 1909, Page 17

[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,-I observe that

you intend to deal with the question of the admission of Dissenters to Communion. May I venture to call your attention (if you do not already know it or have it hi memory) to a passage on p. 331 of Mr. W. H. Hutton's "Life and Letters of Bishop Stubbs" (edition of

1904) ? In the letter there quoted the Bishop does not take up a very definite position, but Mr. Hutton quotes a private P.S.

"I do not think that the Presbyterian was in the eye of the Church when the rubric was inserted, and I think it more dangerous to repel a person from the means of grace than to risk somewhat on his or her personal qualification according to tho purification of the sanctuary."

The last words seem to me to express precisely the right attitude to such a question. I am not sure whether Bishop Stubbs meant the words as a permanent rule for all caeca (you will be able to judge from the letter itself, and from another on the following page), but I cannot imagine a wiser general rule for the treatment of all Christians by a Christian