5 JUNE 1909, Page 19

[To TUE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] Sra,—In the interesting article

and correspondence which have appeared in your columns on this subject I do not observe any mention of the guidance given to his clergy, both in the diocese of Peterborough and in that of London, by the late Bishop Creighton. Some of your readers may not be unwilling to have their attention drawn to the views of so wise a leader. The Bishop's counsel practically amounted to this : that Non- conformists who had been associated till mature life with other religious bodies than the Church of England should be admitted to Holy Communion, but that they should be advised to receive Confirmation in order to do away with the irregu- larity. This view of the Bishop's may be found in the "Life and Letters," Vol. II., pp. 63-65, 282-83.-1 am, Sir, &c.,