5 JUNE 1909, Page 2

A Reuter's telegram published last Saturday announces that the Canton

Viceroy is circularising the provincial officials as to the expediency of contributing towards the endowment fund of Hong-kong University. He declares that he is ready to urge the Peking authorities to support the University. We are very glad indeed to hear this, and hope that the University will be helped with something more substantial than promises. We are sure that it might do a great and enlightening work in Hong-kong. If proof were necessary, we might point to the achievements of the American "Robert College" in Constantinople, which, thanks to the labours of Dr. Wash- bourne and others, has succeeded more than many people dared to hope, and that in extraordinarily difficult circum- stances. Sir Frederick Lugard, the Governor of Hong-kong, has our very best wishes for the truly Imperial work he has undertaken.