5 JUNE 1909, Page 2

The despatch from H.M. Vice-Consul at Adana forwarded to the

"Friends of Armenia" by the Foreign Office gives a most interesting account of the work of the Relief Com- mittee. From this it appears that on May 11th in Adana alone twenty-two thousand and eighty-eight persons had to be fed, exclusive of refugees and inmates of the three hospitals. It is further stated that for five days Mrs. Doughty Wylie, the Vice-Consul's wife, had to manage the hospitals practically alone, and that without the prompt and efficient aid of the officers and men of the 'Hamburg' and Swiftsnre,' the wounded could not have been tended, nor the fourteen thousand fed at the Yeni Mohan, Refugee Camp, which was mainly organised by them. The Vice-Consul, who estimates that 2300 a day will be needed for relief, not counting the hospitals, acknow- ledges the splendid work done by Dr. and Mrs. Chambers and other members of the American Mission, through whose Board at Constantinople the "Friends of Armenia" send their relief funds, contributions to which are still urgently needed. The address of that body is 47 Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.