5 JUNE 1909, Page 28

RSADABLE NoveLs.—Mortimer's Marriage. By Horace Wynd- ham. (John Milne. 6s.)—This

book may be read by young ladioe as a warning against the consequences of becoming too familiar with their chauffeurs.—Set in Silver. By C. N. and A. M. Williamson. (Methuen and Co. Os.) —An attractive account of a motor-car tour in England and Wales, seasoned by Mr. and Mrs. Williamson's usual device of setting their journey in a framework of fiction.—The Parson of Burgate. By Caroline Walling. (Marshall Brothers. 2s. 6d.)—A story of Church affairs in the period 1688-1640, the outcome of careful study. It reminds us of "Mary Powell."