5 JUNE 1909, Page 29

The Country Gentleman's Estate Book. Edited and Compiled by William

Broomhall. (Country Gentlemen's Asscoiation. Ss.)— There are as usual many interesting things in this volume. Among the contents we find the customary "Legislation," "Estate Law," but the miscellaneous articles on what we may describe es Topics of the Day" will most attract the average reader. Iliere is the subject of small holdings, for instance. Results given are not entirely encouraging. A profit of £47 on a farm of fourteen acres is good in its way ; but a day labourer earns about as much (18s. a weck = .446 16s.) Of course the proximity of the market is the main thing. An old couple make 455 out of three roods ; but then the land is close to a town of two thousand people. An Essex farm of four acres, worked with fowls, bees, &o., brings in £44 109., quite good in its way, but not much for a man's whole time. An Irish farm of forty-seven acres brought in &IL In another ease we read of the hardships of the small tenant or owner in the way of rating. One cause is the large proportion of fully tited buildings to half-rated land.