5 JUNE 1920, Page 14



Sta,—May I appeal to your readers on behalf of Bishop Creigh- ton House, Lillie Road, Fulham. It is a ladies' settlement, the only one in West London, and was founded in 1908 as a memorial to Bishop Creighton. Seven residents can be accom- modated there, and work of all kinds is carried on in the different parishes of Fulham, Hammersmith; Infant Welfare and Care Committee work, Children's Country Holiday Fund, Hospital and Infirmary visiting, and many other activities. There ie a Girls' Club—itself much older than Bishop Creighton House, but now closely identified with it—which has a member- ship of about 100 working girls, and Is in touch with a much larger number. It Is non-parochial and welcomes all girls over seventeen who are not already connected with Church or other organizations. Experimental " Day Continuation Classes" are held at the Settlement, and during 1919 the resi- dents carried on, under the L.C.C., the " Juvenile Employment Centre " for discharged Munition-girls. The Settlement is a place for students as well as workers, and residents can train there for social work, attending the lectures at the London School of Economics, or working for the C.O.S. Certificate.

Money is, of course, required to carry on all this work, and an opportunity has recently presented itself for buying, on exceptionally favourable terms, the houses 374378 Lillie Road, which have been converted to the use of the Settlement. The purchase has been carried through, and the money—.e900--haa been raised by loan, which must be repaid. We therefore appeal to the public for support in the confident expectation that the only Settlement in West London and a Club of long standing and great usefulness have a claim which will not be put forward in vain, even in these days when money is wanted for so many important objects and when many people have less to give than they had. Some, on the other hand, have more! But all alike may be able to help in some degree. Sub- scriptions and donations will he gratefully received by the Hon. Treasurer, "Miss E. H. de K. Curtis, Paddock, Benson, Wallingford, or by the Head of the Settlement, Miss Wickham, at Bishop Creighton House, 374-378 Lillie Road, Fulham, S.W. 6.

Chairman of Executive Committee.